How Are We Limiting the Spread of Coronavirus?

Maintain social distancing during our fitness classes in Omaha or Papillion, NE

Amid the current pandemic, many gyms and fitness facilities have been forced to close. This has left many without access to the classes and equipment that keep you fit and healthy. At Hammi House of Pilates & Wellness in Papillion and Omaha, NE, we're promoting overall health and wellness by offering a safe fitness class.

During this time, it's important to prioritize your mental and physical health. Try a sanitary fitness class as soon as possible.

What is our business doing to keep you safe?

What is our business doing to keep you safe?

We know you may have reservations about going back to the gym or other fitness centers at this time. That's why classes at Hammi House of Pilates & Wellness is such a great option. Our classes are both private and personalized. You won't be amongst a crowd of people, but you'll get the benefits of a fitness center.

To keep you safe, our company is:

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting every reformer before and after sessions
  • Keeping all workouts private to limit viral spread and ensure proper form
  • Requiring social distancing during each sanitary fitness class

Our goal is to help you stay active while social distancing. Contact our center in Omaha or Papillion, NE today to schedule your safe fitness class.

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