Increase Your Strength at Our Pilates Studio in Omaha, NE, serving the Papillion, NE community.

Reap the many benefits of Pilates exercise

Put those old habits to the wind, and learn the art of control with Pilates classes. Hammi House of Pilates & Wellness believes that the benefits of Pilates far exceed the work you have to put in. Our intimate studio in Omaha, NE, located right next to Papillion, NE, is the perfect place for novices and experts to practice their moves and strengthen their muscles.

The Pilates exercise benefits are sure to keep you coming back for more. Find out how you can increase strength and improve posture when you sign up for one of our classes.

Once you take Pilates, you won't look back

Once you take Pilates, you won't look back

Several fitness enthusiasts and celebrities swear by Pilates. Why? Because the benefits of Pilates are endless. Check out what you’ll receive when you try this effective practice:

  • Improved flexibility and posture
  • Increased body control
  • Increased muscle strength

Since Pilates focuses on strengthening key areas of your body, like the core, it’s the perfect workout to add to your fitness routine.

Want to see the Pilates exercise benefits for yourself? Visit our studio in Omaha, NE to take a class. Our studio is located right next to Papillion, NE.

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